Minimally invasive endodontics: the evolution of Ni-Ti alloys
October 20    18:00 – 20:00

In recent years, Ni-Ti alloys in Endodontics have undergone important evolutions that have given a further impetus to the evolution of root canal shaping. In fact, the new martensitic-type alloys have particular metallurgical peculiarities which give the instrument significant flexibility with minimal springback.

This feature allows you to perform shapes that respect the root canal anatomy even in the case of accentuated curvatures. Furthermore, another connotation that these new alloys present is a high resistance to fracture far superior to traditional Ni-Ti alloys which gives greater safety in dealing with particular anatomies.

Endodonzia minimamente invasiva: l’evoluzione delle leghe in Ni-Ti
Ottobre 20    18:00 – 20:00

Negli ultimi anni le leghe al Ni-Ti in Endodonzia hanno subito delle evoluzioni importanti che hanno dato una ulteriore impulso all’evoluzione nella sagomatura canalare. Le nuove leghe di tipo martensitico presentano, infatti, delle peculiarità metallurgiche particolari che donano allo strumento una importante flessibilità con minimo ritorno elastico.

Questa caratteristica permette di eseguire sagomature rispettose dell’anatomia canalare anche nei confronti di curvature accentuate. Inoltre un’altra connotazione che queste nuove leghe presentano è una elevata resistenza alla frattura di gran lunga superiore alle leghe Ni-Ti tradizionali che dona maggiore sicurezza nell’affrontare anatomie particolari.

Luigi Cecchinato
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Luigi Cecchinato graduated with honors in dentistry and dental prosthesis at the University of Messina in 1989.
Active member of Italian Endodontic Society (SIE) from 1997 and Italian Academy of Microscope Dentistry (AIOM) until 2019.
IAID Cofounder and member of the Board of Directors.
Author of several articles on endodontic field, he is co-author of one chapter of Atlas of Microscopy in Dentistry (RC libri, 2007), and author of one chapter of the Atlas of Endodontic Anathomy (Tecniche Nuove, 2011). He mantains his private practice in Milan.

Philip Hand
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Giuseppe Squeo graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and achieved a PhD in Ortho-Phonato-Rhino-Stomato-Gnatodontics. Lecturer and Tutor in several universities He is Adjunct Professor in Conservative Dentistry at University of …
His passion for Endodontics and for research lead him to devise and develop different tools useful to improve and simplify several phases of endodontic treatment. He is Active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics (SIE) as well as of the European Society of Endodontics (ESE). Lecturer at national and international congresses, he co-authored several scientific articles published in national and international journals and the book “Taglio e Forma” published by EDRA in 2020 and “Endo e Resto” published by EDRA in 2022.
He mantain his private practice in Bari and is consultant in various dental offices in Puglia, dedicating himself with enthusiasm and passion mainly to Endodontics.