Dr. Giuseppe SQUEO

Improving the management of complex radicular anatomy using advanced NiTi alloys
October 20    14:30 – 15:30

Endodontics has developed rapidly in recent years, showing a profound transformation with the instruments used and with the introduction of constantly evolving materials and operating methods.

All this has created a new and extensive reality that has generated a lot of enthusiasm and placed everyone needing to expand their knowledge.

The achievement of predictable results and with increasing success rates also depends on new techniques and the availability of new materials, as well as deep knowledge and the ability to formulate correct diagnoses and therefore precise treatment plans.

Once the access has been prepared, the anatomy analyzed and the apex located, the next challenge for the endodontist is to select the correct file and the best sequence of files to shape the canal safely and without procedural errors.

The report will demonstrate the benefits of E3 Azure tools (Endostar) and highlight the possibility of tailoring the sequence of files to canal anatomy and specific case difficulties, for optimal canal shaping with a high level of safety.

Dr Giuseppe SQUEO IAID
Giuseppe SQUEO
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Giuseppe Squeo graduated with honors in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics and achieved a PhD in Ortho-Phonato-Rhino-Stomato-Gnatodontics. Lecturer and Tutor in several universities He is Adjunct Professor in Conservative Dentistry at University of …
His passion for Endodontics and for research lead him to devise and develop different tools useful to improve and simplify several phases of endodontic treatment. He is Active member of the Italian Society of Endodontics (SIE) as well as of the European Society of Endodontics (ESE). Lecturer at national and international congresses, he co-authored several scientific articles published in national and international journals and the book “Taglio e Forma” published by EDRA in 2020 and “Endo e Resto” published by EDRA in 2022.
He mantain his private practice in Bari and is consultant in various dental offices in Puglia, dedicating himself with enthusiasm and passion mainly to Endodontics.