Dr. Gaetano CALESINI

Implant-Prosthetics: Planning, Achieving and Maintaining Aesthetic Integration in High Aesthetic Value Areas
October 21    14:30 – 16:00

The advent of osseointegration has produced substantial changes in decision-making paradigms in dentistry. In the last decade, the focus of patients and clinicians has shifted increasingly from the functional aspect, taken for granted, to the resolution, including aesthetic, of partial or total edentulism.

We know that the anatomy of the receiving site, due to the loss of the natural element, undergoes even substantial alterations; inserting a “credible” prosthetic device in such contexts can be a major clinical challenge.

Conforming to the existing anatomy, using osseointegrated implants only as means of anchoring fixed or removable rehabilitations, implies giving up a formidable tool for creating an “ideal” context in which to insert our restorations.

In the field of implant-prosthetics, the emphasis is increasingly on the treatment plan and prosthetically guided implantology, despite this emphasis, very often the results are far from the expectations of both the clinician and the patient.

The speaker will focus on the use of osseointegrated implants as tools for planning, restoring, and stabilizing the anatomical situation in order to improve the mimetic integration of implant-prosthetic devices.

Notions will be provided on the programming and execution of “simplified” prostheses that are truly capable of recovering the oral homeostasis of our patients through morphogenic tissue management.

Procedures for retrieving and verifying essential clinical coordinates, verification steps, and communication with the laboratory will be illustrated.
The concepts presented, if applied systematically, allow for the consistency and predictability of the congruence between the prosthetic design and the final result.

Curriculum Vitae

Diploma in Dental Technology, degree in Medicine and Surgery, and specialization in Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics. He has taught at some of the most prominent Italian universities. He has published numerous articles in international journals and is part of the scientific committee of industry journals. Co-author of the books: “Oral Implantology” published by Martina Bologna Editions, “Implant Prosthesis. The restoration of oral homeostasis through single restorations” published by Martina Bologna Editions, and “Morphogenic Tissue Management” published by Quintessenza International. Past-president of the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry and an active member of some of the most prestigious scientific societies. As a freelancer in Rome, he leads a team of specialists dedicated to resolving particularly complex cases.”